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About PTE Coaching

PTE test is conducted for 3 hours with the help of a computer in one session. When the point is of speaking, the voice of the candidate is recorded and sent for final marking. IELTS to Abroad’s main aim is to give personalized training to every student so that they can clear this exam without any difficulty.

IELTS to Abroad is one of the reputed coaching institutes of PTE preparation, making individuals capable of studying abroad or looking forward to join any company. PTE test is of two types- PTE academic and PTE general. PTE academic exam is for the students who want to study and PTE general test is for the ones who want to join a reputed company.

Our all trainers are PTE Pearson certified who will help you at every stage to get high bands. The PTE test of English language is for the non-native English speakers. When a candidate wants to give the PTE test, they can fill the forms and select date according to their convenience from the given PTE exam dates. The PTE exam fee is not fixed and it changes time to time.

This test consists of mainly four sections called reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

How to Prepare for PTE

The candidate has to go through four tests: –

1. Listening

This task is of 45-57 minutes in which the recorded conversation helps you to answer the various questions given in the sheet. To prepare you for this module, we conduct countless mock tests and provide previous year papers for the practice.

2. Reading

In this, the candidates will be tested on their reading skills. Total time to complete this section is around 40 minutes in which you have to complete three sets of passages. We have countless comprehensive mock tests so that you can practice more and more.

3. Writing

If your writing is weak, join IELTS to Abroad to clear PTE writing today itself. In this section, you have to write on different topics related to life, technology, etc. It consists of two sections. In the first section, the candidate has to describe any image or any graph and next one is writing on any topic.

4. Speaking

Speaking is the essential part of PTE as this is the only way of communicating in a different nation. We make the candidate prepare on various topics so that they can speak fluently.

PTE eligibility

To be eligible for the PTE test, the candidate has to clear eligibility; like: -

  • The candidate must be 18 years old
  • The qualification of the candidate is according to the courses
  • If the candidate is 16 years old, he is also eligible for appearing in the PTE exam, and needs to get parental consent

Opening up a world of opportunity.

So, give yourself a great start with IELTS to Abroad and make your dreams true in no time.

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